Filler & Cap American Buttress 88mm



This Nylon cap has excellent chemical resistance and the thread design provides a large contact area allowing it to give good pressure sealing characteristics.
The sealing washer has limited chemical resistance and does not tolerate strong solvents.

The cap is non- vented and has an internal fixing point for a retaining chain.

The standard product is only available in black. Cap will blank off calf feeder outlets.

The Cap American Buttress 56mm fits the Filler/Spigot American Buttress 88mm.

Cap can have an engraved insert to give raised lettering, this lettering can also be ‘tipped’ with a colour to accentuate it.
Can be produced in polyethylene, minimum quantities apply.



Code Description
XSWFAB88N Filler American Buttress 88mm Natural
XSWFAB88B Filler American Buttress 88mm Black
XSWCAB88WB Cap American Buttress 88mm Black with Washer
XDAB88 Driver American Buttress 88mm


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