Insulated Bin 680 Litres – BFT680


If you require a robust pallet bin to withstand rough treatment, and need insulation due to bins being used for chilled or frozen product in non-refrigerated transport, then have a closer look at these FT680 Bins and Lids. We use polyurethane foam (R18 insulation value) in between the inner and outer walls to provide a thermal barrier between the inner cavity of the bin and the outside environment to keep the contents at a desired temperature for long periods of time. Flake or standard ice greatly assists in lengthening this period. Ideally suited for meat, poultry, and fish processing applications, the FT680 will deliver your product in prime condition. As the lid is attached by using bungy straps, a MAF security device can easily be utilised. There are two bungs in the lower corners to drain excess liquids without the need to tip the bin over on it side or invert if the bin is emptied manually. The base has 4 way entry. Unobstructed access from two sides for entry via pallet truck and forklift. The other two sides off encapsulated access to enable the use of a rotating head forklift, as well as offering safety when the bin is elevated, preventing the bin sliding off the forks. We can complete these bins in a range of colours to assist in identifying these bins as being owned by your company. In addition to this, we can apply post mould graphics to visually display company details, contents of bins, or whether content is inedible. To learn more, contact us directly with your individual requirements.

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