ECONO Vineyard Clip

With the growth in the introduction of mechanical stripping and the drive to minimise vineyard
expenditure the ECONO clip has been developed by INDAC working alongside vineyard
managers and drivers of stripping machines.

 The ECONO clip is the result of this development process and has the following features:-

   1. Solid construction so that over nailing does not close up wire gap.

  2. Can be mounted on flats, rounds and corners.

  3. Full UV protection in a top quality resin.

  4. Automatic unlatching of all wires with the Klima machine.  (An economy in labour)

   5. Minimise wire breakage from snags on clips. (An economy in machine down time)

   6. Performs for canopy and fruiting wires.  (An economy of clips)

  7. Holds wires in undulating country.

  8. Wires need to be positively placed when lifting.

  9. Available in Black and Beige so that fruiting wires can be easily distinguished.

10.Retains canes in an upright position for better machine feeding and mulching.


CODE                                                 DESCRIPTION
VECONO                                           ECONO-Clip for Klima Strippers


Indac ECONO clips are supplied in boxes of 4,000 clips. The standard colour is Beige and other colours are to order. Price breaks occur at 80,000 clips and 200,000 clips. The clips are designed to be anchored with Square Twist Galvanised Flat nails 75 x 3.75mm. It is advisable to remove existing clips and nails, however because of the unclipping action of the ECONO clip and its close proximity to the machine the chance of wire being fouled by existing clips is practically eliminated.


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