Marina Float

The Indac Marina Float has been designed to fill the need for a stable and rugged
pontoon for use in floating walkways, jetties and diving platforms.
The float is rectangular and is moulded from UV resistant medium density polyethylene
suitable for New Zealand conditions. It has ribbed sides and rebated top edges. The float
can be positioned under a timber support frame. A threaded bung is incorporated to
enable a slight positive pressure to be introduced, if desired. 

Length 1020mm                                    Width  645mm
Depth 580mm                                        Weight 16kg

Flat, channelled bottom gives excellent stability of walkways and fingers
Ribbed and shaped sides maintain shape and strength
Flat base allows easy assembly of structure prior to placement
Polyethylene can be repaired if damaged
Stacks neatly for transport and storage
Buoyancy is approximately 320 kg

Available in a range of standard colours


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