Net Reels

The Indac Net Reel has been developed to assist with the retrieval, storage, and application of bird netting in vineyards. It is suitable for side row, over row, and multi row netting.

The flange at each end is 780 mm diameter and 30 mm deep at edge
 CODE                                   DESCRIPTION VNETR1230B                      Net Reel suitable for 1200mm Net  

CODE                                   DESCRIPTION
VNETREOB                         Net Reel Ends only
CODE                                   DESCRIPTION VNETDP1230                     Drilled Pipe suitable for 1200mm Net

CODE                                    DESCRIPTION
VNRLP                                Net Reel Locking Pins (packed 8/Bag)
Flanges on the ends provide for tangle-free winding, which prevents netting from becoming tangles in any part of the winding mechanism The drive slots in each end allow compatibility with most winding systems Reduces labour costs Saves time both when putting the netting out and when having to retrieve it Makes storing the bird netting easier, eliminating the tangles and tears that can happen when rolls of netting are left lying around between seasons. 


Standard colour is black. Other colours available on request

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