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                                The easy way to come Unstuck

Overcome the problems of splatter and excess molten material sticking to your product during the Spinweld process.

Indac has long recognised the need for a product that will allow easy removal of splatter and build up of degraded polyethylene resin that occurs during the Spinweld process. Indac has developed a spray on lubricant to overcome this difficulty. Removal of this material has always been an issue and has often resulted in damage to the base product. We are pleased to be able to advise we now have a user friendly product that has alleviated this problem and leaves an easy to clean surface.


  • Spin – Slick is Non Staining and can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.
  • Spin – Slick is supplied in 500ml atomiser bottles for easy application.
  • Excess Spin – Slick can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.


For best results Spin – Slick should be applied in the following way.

  1. Place Spinweld fitting in position. (Use this to mask the actual welding faces)
  2. Spray fitting and surrounding area with Spin – Slick  to just wet the surface.
  3. Apply Spinweld fitting as per normal (once fitting has been fully welded you will notice that the surrounding excess material has bubbled and not adhered to the product)
  4. Once the fitting and surrounding areas have cooled you will be able to remove the degraded material and splatter from around the fitting with ease.

Health Hazards:                    The product is not classified as a dangerous preparation
Environmental Hazard:        The product is not hazardous for the environment
Fire Hazard:                          The product does not burn.
Fire Fighting:                        N/A
Handling:                               As per waste water
Waste:                                   The product is non harmful to the environment and can be
disposed of through the storm water system. Check local 

Information:                          If further information is required regarding this product contact
                                               your Indac representative.

The information set out above is based on data provided by our suppliers. The data has been used in good faith and no responsibility can be accepted by us for its accuracy or for any claims or proceedings (including direct or indirect consequences arising from any claims or proceedings) or any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the inaccuracy, use of or reliance upon this information. To the extent permitted by law, all warranties, representations, conditions, whether expressed or implied by law, trade, custom, or otherwise in respect of this information are also expressly excluded.


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