BSP Threaded Fittings


  Quick Fit Spinweld System




The features of using the Quick Fit system for Spinweld Threaded fittings result in the following advantages for the end user:

  • Less opportunity for operator error as the fitting is visible throughout the Spinweld operation.
  • Better stability of router when applying fitting to product, which reduces operator error.
  • The operator has the option of leaving the driver plug in the tank to ensure that it is fully sealed so there is no access for contaminants into the tank during transport or storage, or remove the driver plug and reuse it when fittings other similar sized threaded fittings. 
  • The sealed plug keeps out vermin, dust and pests.
  • No damage to the tank surface from the router bit during the fitting of the Spinweld as the driver plug is inside the maximum diameter of the fitting.
  • Reduced time fitting router bits (one steel router bit fits all sizes of the BSP Threaded Spinwelds)
  • Lower set up costs (The Router Bits are considerably cheaper)
  • Router bits are less prone to damage.
  • The 3 inch BSP Threaded Fitting can be inserted using the Spinweld Driver Disk which is also used to insert the 90mm and 100mm Two Start Threads and the Test Patch Cap.


  • The driver plugs can be fitted with an ‘O’ ring to create a watertight seal if required.

The following sizes are available:



Recommended Hole Saw Sizes


Spinweld 1/2" BSP (15mm)  

Ø 32mm


Spinweld 3/4" BSP (20mm)

Ø 35mm


Spinweld 1" BSP (25mm)  

Ø 41mm


Spinweld 1 1/4" BSP (32mm)

Ø 51mm


Spinweld 1 1/2" BSP (40mm)

Ø 57mm


Spinweld 2" BSP (50mm)

Ø 70mm


Spinweld 3" BSP (75mm)

Ø 98mm


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