Steel Framed Bin 1000 Litre


The Steel Framed Bin 1000 Litre is the strongest large capacity bin in Indac’s range of bins
It has been designed to hold contents in either solid or liquid form and can be used in
temperatures from ambient to frozen.
This Bin can be stacked up to 4 high loaded in a static environment, and two high during
transportation. They can be nested when empty for return transport.
Forkliftable from all four sides and compatible with most bin tippers. These bins are used
extensively in the meat industry where heavy demands are placed upon them in terms of
strength and durability.

                         1165 mm long x 1200 mm wide x 1300 mm high
                        Capacity 1000 Litres
                        4 way fork entry
                        Fork tippable
                        Food grade plastic
                       Coloured Bin
                       Moulded graphics
                       Frame can be consecutively numbered



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