Taking the guesswork out of moulding

Used solo, Supavent and Smartvent have been providing the rotational moulding industry with improved pressure regulation and passive pressurisation of moulds. Technovent provides a simple method of attaching low pressure compressed air lines to moulds, allowing moulders to control and effectively mounts thermocuple probes, giving far more accurate internal temperatue measurements.

Why Technovent?

  • Provides a safe and reliable method of attaching internal air temperature thermocouples and pressurisation lines to the mould
  • Enables the moulder to dictate the time of part release from the mould and control variation in warpage and shrinkage
  • Helps to ensure that your compressed air lines do not accumulate plastic
  • Is designed with a handle that makes Supavent and Smartvent removal easier in factory floor conditions
  • In many cases, increases the life of Supavent and Smartvent products
  • More useful in bigger moulds with large powder pools
  • Is constructed from tough cast stainless steel, and will probably last longer than you do!
Code Description
CTV13 Technovent suitable for 13 mm Supavent or Smartvent
CTV 19 Technovent suitable for 19 mm Supavent or Smartvent




The Technovent assembly comes with a grub screw, used either to hold the thermocouple probe (or stiffener pin) in place or to block the thermocouple channel so that compressed air connot exit. If you are using a themocouple probe, first fit the probe and then tighten the grub screw to lock in place. we recommend applying a high temperature thread lock to the grub screw, and RTV silicone to seal the thermocouple into the Technovent.

Next, fit the Supavent or Smartvent into the assembly. The "mushroom" top of your chosen vent will fit fully inside the Technovent, ensuring that the assembly is well locked together. It can now be fitted into a standard Supavent or Smartvent mounting hole from the outside. The fit will be tighter than if not using Technovent – if you find the fit is too tight, the diameter of the mould's mounting hole can be opened up slightly. You can then easily attach compressed air lines and themocouple lines.


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