Vine Stripper Retainer Button

The introduction of overhead vine stripping requires the installation of a secure retaining system for the top wire. The VSR (Vine Stripper Retainer) button has been developed to give the holding power to resist the 160kg plus pull exerted by the mechanical strippers.



  1. Wire lifting made simple
  2. Handles retainer / wire misalignment of 14 degrees
  3. Fixes to corners of those quarter round posts.
  4. Takes 5mm nails and holds in soft posts
  5. Rotate 90 degrees and retainer becomes an easy lift button
  6. Better than wire on nails no loss of zinc coating when wind vibrates wires
  7. Still gives access to wire if hammered home
  8. Installs on all types of post, round, flat and sharp corners. ‘Tek ‘screw to steel posts
  9. One retainer nailed on square does the job for flat and undulating ground
30mm Diameter x 15.5mm with 5mm Nail Hole.
CODE                                     DESCRIPTION
VSRBB                                   Vine Stripper Retainer Button for 2.5mm Wire
VSRB2.3                                Vine Stripper Retainer Button for 2.3mm Wire
Packed in bags of 1000
A carton holds 3000 VSR Buttons (3 bags).

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