Emergency Box

You better be prepared

Storage your Emergency-Kit only in a box, which you can really trust.  The Indac Emergency Box is a strong, crush proof, vermin and water resistant box for developing your emergency kit. Large capacity to store all the items recommended by emergency services, so that you have all the items needed to get through an emergency. In most emergencies you should be able to stay in your home. Plan to be able to look after yourself and your household for at least three days or more. Assemble and maintain your emergency survival items for your home as well as a portable getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry. You should also have essential emergency items in your workplace and in your car. 

900mm long x 500mm wide x 400mm deep Internal length 850 mm Internal width 450 mm Internal depth 315 mm Opening dimensions 805 mm long x 400 mm wide

Document Box and Tray. Fitted with high tensile corrosion resistant lockable latches

Stainless fittings available for marine or mine use Logos and stencils can be put on the Box for identification 

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