The revolutionary EZY Tap fittings have been designed to meet the need of low-pressure fluid tank and pipe penetrations. EZY Tap allows easy external fixing. When the fitting nut is tightened the rubber seal swells and pulls up forming a water tight robust seal. All you need to do is drill, insert and tighten.

The Indac EZY Tap gives a flexible joint and seal interface between the tank and the fitting allowing this to flex and reduce the stress on the tank wall, greatly reducing the risk of stress cracking the tank.

You don’t need a highly trained person to fit an EZY Tap Fast and its quick to fit.
Almost nil risk of damage to the product that the EZY Tap is being fitted too.
Remove the necessity of moulding in stainless or brass threaded inserts only to find that they have not been loaded correctly or adhered correctly and the new moulded product is now a reject.

Easy to use to replace damaged moulded in inserts or fittings just drill them out and fit the tap.

The end user can fit a tap to a tank to ensure they have the outlet/inlet where they want it.
Can carry any normal load that any other type of plastic plumbing fitting can bare, but also has the advantage of the flexible interface with the tank, greatly reducing the risk of stress cracking the tank.

  • Chemical resistant 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6
  • Specially formulated and compounded Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Both materials are  UV Stabilised and conform to the FDA requirements
  • Easily fitted from the outside of tank or vessel
  • Operating pressure range:  1 to 60 PSI
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +100 deg Celsius





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